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        Specialty, innovation and unity——the first kunya medical Technology Summit has been successfully held
        Release time:2017-12-05        Author:Sales center market department

        In November 17th, the first kunya medical Technology Summit held in the kunya company headquarters, the summit is mainly for the medical equipment services, medical equipment and other aspects of quality control. Communicate medical equipment service produced by the representative medical technology team and the kunya from the problem, each one airs his own views.

        First of all, the general manager of Xu Renxiang medical kunya on how to better serve customers to express their views, think communication is the first factor to solve problems, good communication to understand the equipment faults, help engineers to quickly judge and solve problems, make the service and customer satisfaction and improve.

        Then, from the national medical engineers kunya representatives of the sharing service case. Sun Gong and metalworking are engineers who have many years of maintenance experience. They summed up many valuable experiences in the process of serving hospitals, and told the attentional points of engineers in the process of maintenance.

        Note 1: maintenance, cleaning and maintenance (mainly refers to the maintenance engineer in the Ministry of health, the inside and outside of the equipment room, health and finishing, it could give the hospital a good impression), prompt the operation of medical staff (to avoid because of improper operation, affect the normal operation of equipment, equipment or accelerated loss).

        2, service attention: 1., service quality, 2. process, 3. telephone etiquette, 4. information transmission, 5. distinguish authenticity. (information provided for equipment repair is able to know well, understand the real potential problems and fault location of equipment representation problem).

        In the afternoon, Ma Xinwu, deputy director of imaging technology branch of Shandong Medical Imaging Research Association, and director of clinical engineer branch of Shandong Provincial Medical Association, delivered lectures for engineers of technology center.

        Director Ma Xinwu has a wealth of experience in the equipment department. He is well aware of the needs and problems of hospital equipment management.

        (1): from the equipment management information, equipment repair, maintenance, maintenance and cost control to achieve full control, establish preventive maintenance management system, according to the operation condition of different level, multi angle to provide the most accurate and decision-making basis for the work of medical institutions, to achieve the equipment life cycle management of medical precision.

        (2) equipment quality control: change the traditional management concept of heavy purchase and light maintenance, and establish four major guarantee systems for medical equipment service projects: safety assurance system, quality assurance system, technology strength guarantee system and maintenance system guarantee system.

        (3) equipment services: equipment maintenance follows the principle of maintenance, responsible for equipment failure inspection, troubleshooting and replacement of spare parts; responsible for troubleshooting of line and power supply; responsible for the management and recovery of software system; responsible for the spare parts of hospital spare parts failure.

        (4) report: according to the service equipment service project of the hospital, record and report service, achieve a unified management, medical equipment management, standardized management, and provide the corresponding medical equipment management system for the hospital, provide monthly, quarterly, annual service details, to ensure that the operation conditions of the hospital keep track of medical equipment.

        Finally, the representatives and the engineers discussed it together and ended the summit in a harmonious atmosphere.This is the kunya medical technology team first held such meetings, get a positive response and engineer on behalf of the hospital.In the future, kunya will continue to lean service, strengthen exchanges in the field of technology and learning services, and constantly improve the quality and ability of the technical team, the medical institutions better service.