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        Kunya medical and Medical equipment measurement test Specialized CommitteeAchieve comprehensive strategic cooperation
        Release time:2017-11-14        Author:Sales center market department

        In November 7th, the medical equipment measurement test Specialized Committee academic annual meeting was held in Hangzhou. The convening of this academic annual meeting aims to promote the development of the medical metrology discipline and promote the effective quality control and safety assurance of medical equipment by medical institutions.

        Medical equipment measurement test Specialized Committee

        The medical equipment measurement and testing Specialized Committee of China Medical Equipment Association (hereinafter referred to as metrology Specialized Committee) is a branch of China Medical Equipment Association. It is a two level academic body approved by the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of health.

        Metrology Specialized Committee is an academic mass organization voluntarily composed by scientific and technological workers and managerial personnel who are engaged in medical metrology and testing technology, quality control, quality assurance and management of large medical equipment. Specialized Committee adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to innovation and the spirit of the times, actively promote "truth-seeking, innovation, and cooperation" of the scientific attitude, to promote the development of Chinese medicine measurement equipment, medical equipment quality guarantee, make contribution to improve the development of China|s medical and health undertakings.

        During the meeting of medical and medical equipment kunya measurement Specialized Committee signed the "framework agreement", marking the two sides in the field of medical equipment quality control, measurement and training of a comprehensive cooperation relationship. This cooperation will enable the kunya medical technology level in the field of equipment quality control and detection are very good promotion, but also to strengthen the medical scientific and technical strength of kunya.

        Medical equipment measurement test Specialized Committee

        With the rapid development of modern medical science and technology, medical measurement instruments are widely applied to clinical, scientific research and teaching in hospitals, providing scientific and accurate basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment, scientific research and experiment. The accuracy and effectiveness of the measurement of medical measurement instruments is related to the safety of the patient|s life and the quality of medical treatment.

        As a representative of the medical equipment enterprises kunya medical service industry, has been attached great importance to the equipment measurement and quality control of medical quality control is an important part of realizing the modernization of hospital management, the future will be through kunya scientific quality management, and constantly optimize their service level, standardize its service system, to ensure the quality and safety of medical equipment, promote the continuous improvement of the level of hospital management.